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Just testing this is a live broadcast well it was

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Ha we find out cannot be imbedded from facebook BUT it does link to FB so thats half way there I use Blogo a great app that is an adjunct with great spell checker totally recommended nice prediction and now I will insert a great little informative clip by some one I have come across and find interesting . I like his copy and call him the Bear Hunter Michael Cheney ..


Just tossed that in for fun I went there its a couple of hours out of Kolkatta a massive Iskon Temple and went on a Iskon bus but they only take you there leaving you have to find your own way . That was anoher story jammed on a bus full of Idians of course and the windows were so grimey could hardly see out …but it did create an unforgettable memory . and heres a gem from Michael Cheney this is super good that is a clip I recorded and uploaded and its unlisted

Written by Andrew Speers

January 13, 2017 at 2:17 am

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