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“Andu” is my drug of Choice

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Andu’s the drug I’m on love you Dom and I am feeling good about life . I sent all the family the digital card and I know they all saw it FB tells you “seen at and time ” but in the end only Eli replied a week later with a Happy Xmas Dad .


Well that was nice and as for the others in a way its worked out for the best we had a good life together at times and happy to leave it at that . Let the wound close over I say and as you know here I can and do live a good life .



Think of me on the farm in that dusty dirty house with all those people who I was feeling less and less for and the occasional visits from the family would be more of annoyance than anything else . Wanting me to grow dope and being abusive . My health would have really dropped and the annual bronchitis would be taking its toll .


Remember here 5 years without a cough or cold BP is 130/80 pulse is 70 still got the sugar and that hep C but thats a slow boat at the moment in fact the eyes are not so bad the sexercise is good I think and you will agree on that point .



After I finished the SCU degree I planned to come here and take photos never really thinking i wasn’t coming back . That came later after I was here for a while saw that this was better and jumped ship in Oz .. Think shitty neighbor like Lucy and many more ticks leaches snakes spiders . I often saw a funnel web big one after the rain flooded his hole out wandering across the floor, the doors had a gap that allowed easy access .And the rough scales I did develop a snake sense and could tell when one was around In the end I didn’t kill them . Not to mention the absolute alone ness and loneliness . I had become used to that but now I know that we are not meant for the lone trip and having cuddly APPLE is a real boon . Happiness is only good when its shared .



I am always doing budgets and went to the bank with a plan . So as to not run out of money. The next pay day is 20 days away I get paid once a month . So the plan was to draw out $400 AUD = 10k baht and have a daily amount of 500 .

With that in mind I drew from the ATM 10k and marched into the bank to get 20×500 some how I ended up with 5×2000 in 5 bundles of 100×20 I didn’t bother just took it so now I pull out 25×20=500 and will see if there is a rollover hifi .. and I still have money in the bank saving . The electricity and rent fall at the same time as the pay day so thats it . Immediately draw 25k on pay day and pay rent 7k and power is around 6k then phone is 500 internet is 600 TV is 500 and water is 100 so we are all good . Your welcome any time as you know ..

Stay frosty ..

Written by Andrew Speers

December 29, 2016 at 11:07 pm

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