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So much to say and here it is . Apple has shown her true nature and I have to say its pure gold and totally selfless . We have been having a few moments she seems to arc up and now I know she has been under some pressure with the massage certificate course . Why is she doing it . So that in the future if and when we leave Bangkok she can still work and get this BUY a house for US .. I have been so wrong and thats easy to be . All good now . Yesterday we parted a little heated and all day I was worried would she still be angry and why . Well blessed relief on coming back home she was sweet had two apples for me and some food . She told me that she had been under pressure with the course its been going on for a month or more and now she is doing the foot massage having finished the Thai body massage . She is also taking lease to the owner and now the owner is going to do a lease in the new year . Perhaps at the same rent and Apple has told her we won’t ask for maintenance but will fix the falling apart lounge ourselves and also is saying the aged air conditioners are costing as much as the rent and we would put a new one in the bedroom at our expense and take it with us when and if we move . All this has really had an effect on me and any doubts due to the communication factor with Apple . She is with me 100% and so glad I didn’t put my foot in my mouth to much .. sometimes the communication and lack of it can be a positive thing .. She loves me yeah yeah yeah and you know a love like that can’t be bad .. Gym is going well the other day riding home felt like going home from “Work ” and now I see the gym as my “Office” good thing and have a friend Yong who is one of the trainers he speaks good English and is always welcoming and likes to chat . He did and graduated as a food tech but prefers to be a personal trainer ..I suggested he should tell the breweries about using the mash to make Thai-emite the Thai equivalent of Vegemite .. Wonder what they do with all the mash in lots of breweries that was fed to the draught horses when teams of horses delivered the beer . Well feeling very happy and secure with Apple something changed last night and I slept so well next to her . She did not cough at all and just a small snore laying there looking at her feeling I am totally where I want to be and also she was breathing so easily now that makes me happy . I have seen her heaving and gasping but not now and hope she keeps it up . This made me feel small but I am over it now . You may have remembered me saying how I had got in contact with a software developer who was good to me and lived in Islamabad . I had a vision but it was slightly incorrect . Certainly not a struggling code guru and well he happened to say he was coming to Bangkok on Saturday . Oh I wondered for what well for the Affiliate World Asia 2016 .. I think I will stick to Apple’s love and the PS4 below shows how big a pond the internet is wow I could never have imagined it .





Written by Andrew Speers

December 26, 2016 at 2:22 am

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