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The Revised Edition: Chapter Five Of Social Media Is BS

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Well I agree who is getting rich of social media it is Facebook, but we at Rippln are on a mission to change that . In the near future we will be able to track our social media graph and be rewarded for our input .This is history in the making and it is happening an audience 2,000,000 million eyeballs all looking at mobile devices and gamification is the big attraction folks want to have fun .

There is something new under the sun RIPPLN and the web is and has changed radically . There is a move towards connecting the dot the convergence of mobile media . Apps are getting fast and light . Google has grown enormously and anyone who hasn’t see it has been on another planet . The web is run by major corporations but the input is by the millions of users and now the corporations are bending over backwards to keep their audiences to the point of providing free content in the form of apps . With in game add-ons and this is working well making a lot of money for them .

Social Media Is BS

The following is posted with permission from St. Martin’s Press. You can purchase Social Media Is BS at the following locations:

On Amazon, B&NIndieBound, and iTunes


This blog will activate when the audio book is ready for release. Until then, check out for more on why social media is bullshit.



DO YOU REMEMBER XDRIVE? These days it’s a footnote in stories about MySpace, but in the late 1990s, Xdrive offered people the chance to back up and access their files online.[1] Around the same time, former Oracle CEO and current executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, bet big on the Network Computer (a diskless desktop) that would use the Web as your hard drive.[2] It didn’t take. Neither did Xdrive. So, the idea behind putting your stuff online…

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July 6, 2013 at 2:07 pm

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