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#KurtHeinieken and his brother

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This morning after entertaining KurtHeinieken and his brother ImageI awoke feeling a little mai subai de .[seedy] This caused me to goto the nearest food seller available . My purchase was two bags of sticky rice and two packs of #satay pork sticks  [ sip sam muu ping and song Kiow meow ] 50 baht .


I have been #reflecting how come there are so few flies in Bangkok ? Well this has led me to the discovery that there is also no rubbish on the streets and no empty cans pet bottle and no #cardboard boxes to be had in super markets . Why? 


[1] No card board because it and the cans and the plastic all get recycled. The motivation is but I suspect the economy. Often see the rubbish  regularly scanned by folks pushing hand carts usually with a faithful dog sitting on top .


[2] No flies because flies need a breeding ground eg rotting flesh etc well there is no rotting flesh the #streetdogs eat what ever is left and the birds so the flies miss out to a large degree . Ok 


[2] Often see folks jumping on aluminium cans and you will not see any lying around nil zero zit zilch not like in good old Oz. Were there is a veritable goldmine if we could import a couple of Thais our beaches would be pristine in no time.  Oz on beaches etc so that is the state of play here ..


This is  today in the life of Andu akka “#Luckyboy” Bangkok city of #Angels 


Finally I was amazed at what my wonderful girl friend/guide to Thai culture and translator had done to demonstrate [not intentionally] how deep the compassion Ripple can go here in #Krungthep . 


Now get this she has 100 baht a day for lunch [she has a job in the Mall] . She saved her lunch money so she could but Andu [moi] some ham and salad for a sandwich . Does this give you a clue why I love Thailand .. answer is below




[because someone in #Thailand loves moi]

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July 4, 2013 at 6:39 am

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