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We decided to have a late outing on Saturday and visit the largest Chedi in Thailand which was a long bus trip it must have been because it cost 60 baht. And that is above the usual 14/per/person to almost anywhere. Apple said it was a special bus the kind that have a toilet and are high with the luggage under neath the long haul buses. Well this one didn’t arrive and we ended up taking another bus , Apple is good with the buses she can ask if not sure , I can not.

It took about more than one hour and it was dusk when we arrived . Approaching the Chedi there was lots of traffic and as we crossed the road I had to say we do not hold hands crossing the roads too dangerous. We did cross the road safely and as we approached the temple it grew and grew looking radiant in the moonlight and golden.

Lots of alcoves around the base each containing a different Buddha statue.. I found it interesting and would like to return and bring my tripod some time . There were many very old looking small Chedis outside much more primitive looking and some looked like they were designed for little people ..

right arm grim reaper and son ..

After circumnambulating the Chedi it was time for some food and there is a huge market right next door lots of seafood and other local dishes . We settled for some good old noodle soup . It took a while and Apple was looking at the time and getting anxious as the last bus leaves at 8 o’clock and it was getting on towards that time. Apparently there isn’t much accommodation in this area either.

We hurriedly finished our noodles and headed to the bus which she found out was too far to walk so we hopped on a couple of motor bike taxis . I am always a bit of a shock for the motor bike taxis and as we weaved in and out  of the traffic a large 4wd was heading straight for us and we had to take evasive action . I mean it was only travelling 15-20 kph. But still heart in mouth . As we turned the corner we could see the high bus taking off and souled our taxis after it . We waved it down frantically and of course it stopped and we hopped onboard.

The bus was fairly full and I could see a few single seats but the only two and we wanted to sit next to each other , were at the back of the bus. I made my way down the isle holding onto the grab rail as the bus took off. Slipped into the seat and Apple was beside me . We got going and soon the conductress came along for the tickets . In the seat in front of us there was a young Thai girl talking on the mobile phone and she did so for at least half an hour . I was thinking she was a hooker of something to be able to afford to talk so long on a mobile and she also had taken up the whole seat with her bags and made no attempt to move them . In hindsight I doubt anyone would have wanted to sit there she turned out to be sinister in character.

Apple said she was arguing with someone on the phone ..


We finally arrived at the terminal destination which was in Bangkok Pinklao center and we all started to get off the bus .. Little did I realise what was about to unfold . There had been some thing going on between the sinister girl on the mobile phone and Apple and I was about to find out.

Apple looked up at the bus and started screaming at the sinister girl . “Come down here and I will fuck you up “ well what was happening . The sin girl did come and she was screaming too. I was in the dark and thought do these two know each other ? Do they have a prior unfinished business women’s business.


Octopussy for multitasking the dam

For a moment I was thinking “I’ll let my girl go and she will fuck this bitch up “ but then my better judgement kicked in and I pushed Apple behind me hey “I don’t want my Teelak Possum getting hurt” even though she was displaying some fire and I was convinced she could go .

All this time the sin girl had not been paying much attention to me . But now I was in her face and threatening to belt her . She started to look for a weapon on a nearby food stall . The gas bottle but no she decided not to use it . Apple was dragging me into a taxi she was already in it and as I was getting my bulk into the back she sin bitch tried to jam the door on my leg .

This enraged me once again and with the adrenalin pumping I put the foot on the ground and half got out slagging her with a big gollie over the door . The poor street food vendors were aghast and looking shocked in my direction.


Later as we drove I tried to grasp what was happening and did finally get the story . It was a slow process as there is a language barrier . What happened was the sinister girl was on YABA and had been making a proposition to Apple ..

“She said I will fuck the felang ..ME…. For money “ of course Apple was not into this and violently objected to this blatant poaching of her BF “Andu”…..ME..

Written by Andrew Speers

June 20, 2012 at 12:07 pm

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