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The immigration office requested my presence at school to further and deepen my knowledge of the kingdoms culture. I travel daily on the Roti me and Rot faafaar bus and sky train respectively to Nana pronounced Naaanaaaaaaaaaa…

It takes an hour but I have become accustomed to the routine and hardly notice it .. At first I signed on for book one which takes one month . At the end of this I wisely decided to repeat book one and am 75% through it and feeling much happier. I have the same teacher and am utilizing what I did in the first month like a review . The other student and there was only the two of us was from Japan and although she was not really ready for it she moved up and now for a number of reasons it looks like she will be doing book 2 again so we will be class mates again. There is joy in breaking through the barriers of cultural language barriers and being understood . Even if it as simple as recognition by the bus/taxi driver of my address when spoken in Thai…




Written by Andrew Speers

June 19, 2012 at 6:03 am

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