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The Thai Children’s Day train trip.

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The weekend had finally come around. Apple is back at work and now we are seeing each other on the long awaited weekends . But this was a long weekend a public holiday on the Friday. Apple had come over on Thursday afternoon. Friday was  Thailand Children’s Day and what a big day it is for the Children with lots of concerts balloons and gay events all over . There are so many children in Thailand and they are all very much loved and this is their special day of celebration .

We took a taxi to the mouth of the lane which leads to the railway and saw there was a train leaving within half an hour . Apple got two tickets and we did a walk getting some “Coffee Ron” and soup for Apple’s breakfast.

The engines were revved up to fever pitch for some time and for what I don’t know maybe charging the batteries . We hopped on board and before long we were headed out and gathering speed . The train rocked and a couple of times seemed to bounce up into the air on a lumpy bit of track . I am sure it was safe but it did feel a little disconcerting .

After we had been travelling for ten minutes the conductor appeared and we had to pay a few more Baht as when Apple got the tickets she didn’t realise that ferangs had to pay a higher fare . This is common in Thailand one price for the Thais and one for the foreigners . Thais don’t pay at all in the Temples that do ask for a donation as I found out in Ayyuthaya .

The trip took about one hour and when we did arrive in the terminal station it was all markets and we pulled in to a market and as a matter of fact some stall holders had to move when the train came in.  The town was really bustling and it was a hot day. First we went into a celebration involving some bands and lots of balloons kids and food. From there we walked to the ferry which takes passengers across the river to the other side . There is another railway there and that will be another day out and perhaps an overnight trip ..

We saw a lot of seafood and I had a really nice Thai water ice . I had seen them being made in a stainless steel tank that looks like a candle making setup . The main tank is full of ice and most likely has salt added to lower the freezing point . The tubes contain the water ices and a stick is inserted like an icy pole . The one I liked the best was a sort of a milky one ..

As we moved closer to the ferry there was a few blind musicians playing for alms and one guy was playing a nose flute a most unusual instrument. Along the way I got carried away over a kite seller he had two sizes and I took a large one and the string for 110TB . How he could make it for that as it was a work of art and must have taken some time to make . I soon realised that I didn’t want to carry this around all day and on the ferry saw a Thai guy with two sons . He accepted the gift for his boys…

We finally got back on the train after visiting a Chinese temple and arrived home tired and happy…


Written by Andrew Speers

January 19, 2012 at 3:25 pm

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