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The Mahachai Railway.

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This was a train trip that had been in the pipeline since Apple had taken me to the station some weeks earlier and a night market rampage . We had crossed the six lanes of peak hour traffic to get to the King Taksin The Great memorial a huge piccadilly circus style roundabout monument with the hero Taksin on his horse sword raised. He was famous for  driving the Burmese out of Ayutthaya some 500 years earlier. I resisted the idea of crossing through the traffic again and saw an under pass to safety and the other side.

We wandered down the main road and then ducked into a side alley of no real consequence and there it was the “Mahachai” railway line .. This was a great piece of cultural history as this line was once a privately owned affair used for transporting seafood from the fishing port to Bangkok. It is now run by the Thai railways but is still not a part of the National system. I knew then that this would make a great excursion and tagged it for a later date..


Written by Andrew Speers

January 19, 2012 at 2:04 am

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