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Free Ride to The End of The Line..

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Well hopped on the 80 bus air-conditioned 13 THB. And rode it till I got near a market I had seen before . This turned out to be a good idea and the food was all good . Had some satays and a cob of corn the best corn I have tasted no shit. I didn’t take any photos in here but do have some videos and will see if I can upload them to the blog .. This was a very clean looking market and I have been in a few  . Not many have much refrigeration but that is not a problem . Most have access to ice in large quantities . This is a good thing as there is no need to have lots of fridges and the food is taken to be cooked immediately . I have not had any trouble from the food . I do stay away from deep fried food initially for weight loss but have found that the oil could be the culprit in the runny poo business .


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After the eats I walked along and came across something I had seen a few nights ago The “Macro” store a huge at this stage I knew not what but there it was .

In I went and up the escalator . As I was about to enter a security guard motioned me to check my back pack which I did receiving a number lucky 13 on a tag . The store was huge almost bigger than anything I had seen . It was a bulk store and people were pushing large trolleys and buying in bulk/cartons etc. There was every thing from electrical to foodstuff and I noticed a few Xmas decorations . I think Xmas is different here and has not become what it is in the West.


After a wander around and taking some shots noting the items I might be looking for ie a good fan for the hot weather and generally soaking up the atmosphere .



Next I kept walking and soon came to a railway crossing . This was something new and I wondered if there was likely to be a train coming along . I walked to a shade place and there were a number of people waiting . Some looked very tired and were almost asleep . I started asking as best I could when the next train was coming . Turned out it was due in three minutes . A friendly Thai lady who spoke english said why don’t you hop and have a ride to the end of the line and see the sights . Then you can come back on the same train.. Why not I thought . She said the train is free.


Great never heard of a free train but wow sounds good. Well it was until five minutes into the trip a ticket collector of the “NO shit this is my train” type came along asking for tickets .

Well I was busted riding without a ticket . Air the girls name stuck up and said she told me it was free . Well this was true but not for foreigners . The guy looked at me and smiled saying “Your welcome” ride for free. Phew.. I did and soon got a seat as people got off.

Air was a ambassador for Thailand and displayed the warmness that is so classic Thai the hospitality and the willingness to welcome . She spoke good english too. Not bar style or pigeon . Seemed rather educated.


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As we rumbled along the scene got wetter and wetter the flood was still here for these folks and it didn’t look like it was going away soon. This looked like the kind of swamp that would be home to snakes and crocodiles as well as dengue fever and lots were sleeping in makeshift shanties along the track. Some of these did look so basic no anything .

The Thais have a wonderful ability to handle hardship which I thing stems from the strong community and family ties . The Buddhist community and they are all pretty seriously into it is a real cement for building these extraordinary resilience to hard times . The night before I was waiting for a popular Pad Thai to be made and there was a solid looking Thai man with his small son in his arms waiting too. He had a huge Buddha pendant and chain as many do and his kid was playing with the amulet it was the size of a match box with see through and contained the saints small statue. When he picked up his food which was all Pad Thais they come individually wrapped in paper and then in plastic bag he straddled his motor scooter and steering  with one hand the other was supporting the baby he took off down the lane no helmut of course .

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November 24, 2011 at 1:05 pm

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