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Hi this is a film I made in the final semester for a unit called “To be Continued” a screen unit and it could not have been more aptly named . This product was a single handed effort as I was the an army of one for this event. I must say being in a team is great when it all clicks but I have yet to experience that and in the days of university film crews the energy was somewhat scattered with lots of different ideas egos and agendas .

That said it was a great learning curve and formed a solid basis of knowledge for movie procedural workflows and also highlighted what can develop in an unprofessional situation. This work has continued to be edited and worked over and now it is going to fly on this blog. There was some controversy over the filming of the public and it does depend on the market the film is aimed at. If it is designed as a commercial in other words to advertise the product that is  the Race day it could be deemed as problematic regarding the public being filmed but if it is to be screened as a documentary then there is not a problem .

So in my case I have chosen to label and point this work in the direction of a documentary something that recorded the 2010 Southern Cross Race Day meeting for posterity a virtual tour of the happenings on that day in history . This has a particular significance for myself as I spent many years working at this establishment prior to attending the SCU . I was working as a Farrier attending to the shoeing of the race horses especially on race days . My job entailed being at every meeting and going to the barriers to help load the horses into the starting gate.




Written by Andrew Speers

June 15, 2011 at 11:30 pm

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