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This is a joy and is being done at a most leisurely pace but like a garden it is growing . The Chalet as some call it akka mud hut is in need of sprucing up and paint is happening .  I tried a roller for the walls and it was painful and not enjoyable at all . Hello spray gun a top loading model from the internet for the princely sum of $35 and it does great things.  The preparation is time consuming but not back breaking and the application is the fun part . It literally spits the paint onto the  walls and any overspray is counted as artistic and becomes a part of the cosmos. There are some before and after shots and these give an idea of the changed environment . Treating the home as a set and the cosmetics are just a veneer but what a change they make.



The next few shots show the changes and as they say there is no place like home and a man’s home is his castle . The walls are of course mudbrick and have stood the test of time most have been standing for over 30 years . Remarkable how time flies although I will not say it only seems like yesterday laying the bricks to be perfectly truthful it does seem a long time and there are many signpost that attest to the fact. There has been a lifetime in these walls and it is not over yet.

I have been working in the kitchen and have included a quick and easy way to make a great dish without too much trouble . It is very tasty and is actually a couple of meals in one . First having a great convection oven is a big help. Into a baking tray put all sorts of vegetables  potatoes , sweet gold , carrots , parsnips , onions, slices of capsicum, beetroot and any other one you enjoy. In a steamer cook some red cabbage and some broccoli and keep that in a separate container. Now when the baked vegetables are cooked have a meal of them sprinkle with chopped herbs parsely coriander and dill are good. Mint if you have it.  A light dressing of Paul Newmans Special sauce and bingo . Now the next day comes the curry . Cook some onions in a wok over a high heat and get then brown add a can of coconut cream and a spoon full to taste of green curry paste. The one I use is hot so for that amount a heaped teaspoon is good for me. Now to the sauce add the baked vegetables and simmer till hot . Don’t overdo the reheating . Enjoy ..

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Written by Andrew Speers

June 13, 2011 at 11:27 am

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