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Triple Bill/End of session Party

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Last night in the Unibar at Lismore SCU patrons were treated to a smorgasbord of cosmic music celtic celebrations and a great sausage sizzle all for the cost of a gold coin. Lexus the arm of the student body is to be highly praised for the quality of entertainment presented. We were transmogrified firstly by a predominately girl band who warned us they would be loud . This was true but the sounds were definitely music to my ears . Lead guitar and vocals , nice tattoos , accompanied by a violin a rare treat.

There was a great BBQ as said for a gold coin doubloons and pieces of eight happily accepted this featured vegetarian sausages hamburgers and satay sticks . The said ingredients were presented buffet style leaving the diner to build his own . I great idea and there was ample no scratching here excellent catering no one went hungry and lord knows some students need a good feed thanks to the LEXUS team.

The next item on the agenda was BURN THE MAN and this was for those who love music dancing and fire provided by the SCU fire club . This is an ancient Celtic tradition of renewal  and a large audience gathered on the footy field  as the full moon rose to watch the spectacle.  The rain was kind and did not happen although it had been drizzling off and on.

I was gathering a swag of photos of the events and all were forthcoming as I asked them for permission to include then in the album . This will be to promote the student Union and none could find fault with that. The beer was flowing and I had been complimented by the Union but now was  time to cut off the bar as the drive home was looming and I value my life and licence.

After a wait which I am sure no one minded the main and final event The University of Errors band started setting up and when they did play it was worth the wait . The vocals of Daevid Allen and his guitarist were unique with a very lively on stage presentation . The drums were also a feature with crisp syncopation and tight tom toms beefing out a solid beat while the base line was reinforced by a quiet man in the corner who was a musical pillar just what all the best bass players encompass .

Written by Andrew Speers

May 18, 2011 at 10:48 pm

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