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Studio 301 Chris Fisher

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Chris Fisher is working at studio 301 putting down some vocals in the pure room audio that is only available in a specially constructed recording studios. These studios are designed in such a way as to cancel any unwanted sounds and are do not disturb sanctuaries for the artists who are there for as long as it takes to achieve the sound that they want. This particular studio is roomy and has an area for lounging so that the artists never need to go anywhere during the session . There is a coffee corner games and generally good surroundings with lots of albums and awards gained by those who worked herein.

I was impressed and the studio comes with a resident engineer who is part of the fee . His job is to assist with setting up and generally help those hiring the facility. He has local knowledge and generally is a good man with all the many facets of the mixing console. The engineer for this session was Dave Highet flown over from Bangkok especially for the production of the CD. He has had a lifetime of experience in engineering and ran the Bush Tracks recording studio for well over 20 years producing a number of winners in the Dolphin Awards . His band “Bogislav” played around Armadale in the 70’s won the Hoadley’s battle of the Sounds in Newcastle going on to compete in Sydney being pipped on the post  by “Sherbert” a popular band at the time.

Written by Andrew Speers

May 17, 2011 at 6:34 am

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