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The homestead was built in the mid 80’s as a low cost building exercise and has stood the test of time . I am in the process of giving it a face lift some new paint on the walls and the floor will also come in for some painting. A general dumping of excess detritus and a minimising of furnishings with some relocation of furniture to a more utilitarian situation. Initially I was thinking to use a roller for painting the walls but found this did not work well on the uneven surface of the mud bricks. I had an old compressor and thought, Spray gun, and after some searching on the Net came up with a cheap spray gun cost $35 . It is a gravity feed 5litre top loading type and did a great job and quick too. There was some masking up to do as usual the preparation takes the time with a little overspray and some on the floor . The floor doesn’t matter as it will and is being painted out . SO progress was fast and painless  and I did not become bored/tired or see it as a unclimable mountain and so gained a lot of artistic satisfaction . It felt like set designing and having done some Art units the painting fell into the creative category.

Below is a picture of the spay gun and I made some enquiries in local shops they didn’t have a top loading gun under $100 so I was well pleased with this little beauty . Cleaning is easy just take it outside and flush it out with the hose . There are almost no parts only a nozzle that screws off and the whole thing is activated when the trigger is pulled which allows the paint to bleed into the air jet and so be spayed out . In some instances it was more like a spitting out and there needs to be a thinning of the water based Paint for better application.

The line along the  wall/floor joining was a little wonky and so I decided to use some cement to create a better finish in this area . Remember this is an earth house not an Brick venereal and so has an Indian feel about it some have likened it to a chalet and if you have ever been to India you will be familiar with the look.

Written by Andrew Speers

May 17, 2011 at 12:46 am

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