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Four Years later.

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The day of graduation had finally arrived after four years . Started mid year in 2007 and almost buckled under by Christmas that year but came back in 2008 and forged ahead for the next three years hardly missing a lecture and loving it. The Degree is Media and I couldn’t have made a better choice it was me too a tee.  Such a useful arena something we deal with continuously on a daily basis media and culture go hand in hand and never more so in the age of hyper information .

I came from an era of pre television and radio was the most used media . We listened to music on vinyl and bought singles 45’s and EP’s . Albums came in covers allowing for great artwork not now seen on CD’s.  For me this is science fiction becoming fact. The Jules Verne story materialised. We shot films and did wet work in the darkroom developing negs and doing elargements on expensive consumables like paper and chemicals.

Now we shoot  in RAW format import into a digital darkroom and make adjustments on the fly. Consumables have become  renewables in the “Format Memory Card” . Globalisation and Media events have captured the World stage using satellite TV footprints across the Globe. Wars are fought on TV now and we have smart bombs and Drones that are controlled from thousands of miles away .

Media has become Social/Media Email and Facebook put us in touch with people we have never met face to face and this has its pros and cons . In the words of Marshal McLuhan we view this better in the rear view mirror and for me that mirror goes back quite some way. We have become like fish swimming in an ocean unconscious of the water/media that surrounds us . Like the air we breath and in doing so have we taken on a slightly cyborg identity ? We have become unconsciously competent in the manipulation of this media texting and syncing Iphones and Ipods and information is only a click away .

Back to the 7th I drove to the University it was a sunny day and my timing was all mapped out . Pick up my academic dress $60 and meet with my guests namely Rose and George in the Goodman Plaza. In the end Rose was the only one who made it although I did see George as I was filing into the theatre. Here may I say a big thank you to the University for the fact that the function was in this venue and not  in a park as the previous one was in the blistering heat standing for hours.  Utter Hell.

Rose and I spent time taking some photos in the Plaza and then we made our way up to the Theatre were we parted company, she to get a good seat , and I to take my place as number 59 in the odd row of graduands.  Rose is a great photographer and has shown me a lot in that area . The camera gives licence to shoot and shoot she does. I can remember the comparison given by my lecturer to a photographer being a hunter, loading the camera finding a subject/target and shooting it . The best way to shoot is with a great camera and mine is Nikon. Nobody dies maybe some egos get damaged if the shot is not flattering but that is where the eye of the photographer comes in .

Rose just captured the moment perfectly and although there was an official photographer and I did buy some of those  shots but they paled when put up against those of My mentor/daughter who suggested and was  the inspiration to do this Degree. The fact that Rose was there behind the camera spoke heaps to me and it is a fact that my graduation was taking place around 7 years after I had attended hers  on the Gold Coast. I must share that the end result can never be fully explained but education is without doubt the the greatest gift it is intangible and yours for life excluding alzheimer’s but then one would be past it . The loss of memory is more painful for those who are forgotten .

Written by Andrew Speers

May 17, 2011 at 2:44 am

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