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Well University is over after three and a half years have now graduated ended up with thirteen credits five distinctions six passes and two failures . THe failures need to be mentioned as these were when I first started and it was all new to me . I nearly gave up and it was only the fact that one remarkable lady approached me in the Lismore shopping Square , it was just before Xmas 2007 and encouraged me to go on. I had written to all the lecturers telling them I was quitting and to tell you the truth I was pretty sad and it felt very tough so I went on and finished two essays over the holidays and started back in Feb 2008. I must see that lady she was a professor and in charge of one of the sections . I think she has moved on. University is and was one of the great experiences of my life and I am so glad I did it. As the ad says Southern Cross a new way to think well it does open the door to limitless possibilities. I want to thank all the staff and they will live in my memory for the rest of my days.  Lately I have had much more time on my hands but it has not been boring as I have much to do . For a long time I was wanting to create websites using CMS and now that is happening.

Written by Andrew Speers

November 22, 2010 at 12:58 am

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