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Week five

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It’s been a bit up hill but I think now that my birthday has passed things are starting to level out. Nearly half way through the semester not that I am keen to finish it all seems like a bit of a dream I will have to pinch myself occasionally . All the units are ticking over this is my week for presentation in Borderlands I have the pole position.

Went to the Lismore Gallery to see the Roger Ballen photographic exhibition as recommended by Raimonde for our digital edification . His photos were rather disturbing all B/W well hung and good lab work of course but posed subjects in various strange ways . I think I like Miroslav Tichy he is more my type

When the sign on paper came to me in classs there was  week five or week thirteen so naturally I chose week five . Being first is good as far as I am concerned start in front and stay in front. I have a great lot of slides and will feature the Mexican border as in reading I the way the two countries rub against each other and bleed and there is lots of bleeding that’s for sure.

I am also doing a photo shoot for Bruce McNicol he is conducting a Choir “Ode to Spring” can’t wait for spring. I love the start of the season and the weather warming up everything blooming and the sap rising. Bruce is an old friend and it is great to be working with him . Love his musical directions he accompanied Margret Road-night for any of you who remember. Well Design has been cancelled for this week Leonie has sent an email to the case so suddenly have an extra day to play with. Have to pick up some camera equipment tomorrow late afternoon and may go in and do some library work beforehand.

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July 25, 2010 at 11:50 am

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