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Start of my detailed Proposal (click pics to enlarge)

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My interest in photography started at a young age as my parents ran a small part time business printing black and white negatives for a guy in Darwin . It was about 1945 and the war in the Pacific was over but this guy in Darwin was selling post cards to the tourists. Mostly of bombed Darwin, Crocodiles large ones, with their snouts tied up and being presided over by noble savages and white hunters, or shots of the local indigenous people usually with some caption . This was already on the negative. The scene was a lounge room in beachside Adelaide late at night, the pair would be printing and developing, then rolling the prints onto glazing sheets , chrome plated copper sheets and I would pick them up as they popped off in front of the heater.

Then sometimes they would need some trimming in the guilotine Dad had made along with the light box . He had a job at Chryslers in the tool design having educated himself at night school. So that led me to shooting the neighbours and selling them portraits at an early age .

I had an Adox Golf camera and I loved that camera it took 120 . I had an enlarger and a rodinal daylight loading tank . So that is a little history for me .

Now to the proposal for the unit .

Today was a great day. What amongst other things appeals to me about photography is that it requires some activity, usually going for a walk to somewhere, in other words it gets me out of the house and is like a little adventure.

As you have likened it to hunting and hunting is a primal urge as you might recall .  I am also finding that some of my units overlap and that should not be surprising.  Borderlands is a unit I am taking, it is cultural studies,  dealing with the land or space inbetween differing areas .

Not all are physical but one such border mentioned in a reading is that between Mexico and the USA. A space were two different countries rub against each other and bleed forming scabs. And there is the likelehood of meeting mutants and being maimed  raped or even killed in these areas. So today when I made my border crossing from one side of Nimbin to the other it was such a uplifting experience .

No danger awaited me in this borderland. I had rang the owner of an alternate owner built house to seek permission to photograph his place. My series of exhibition photos are to be of these dwellings , some inhabited some vacant.

Well he was in Mullumbimby but no problem he says”I trust you just shut the door when you leave” how cool was that it made me feel great so not all borderlands are full of dangerous characters.

My photos will be of around half a dozen different homes and this was the first one . I took over 250 shots all in RAW format and I have to say the first couple of lectures and the using of the black and white cameras has really sharpened my understanding of exposure.

I  admit that it is only in the last couple of weeks that the exposure penny has dropped . It was partially dropped but now I have a better understanding of exposure and how to dial it in . In the digital having the ability to make changes using aperture, shutter speed and iso gives a lot of control.

Today I did take a lot of shots all or most on the tripod some using available light but also using the speedlight for fill . I do like available light shots and in this still photography and with the tripod I feel very creative . The digital darkroom and in my opinion the Adobe Lightroom 3 is so far in front aperture does not cut it for me my mind is made up . Great presets and ability to categorise and upload to flickr. I’m theirs forever.

Once again a previous unit dealing with the way we give meaning to space is a significant influence on my choice . Site hardening and memory are critical factors and basically I have chosen to journal home made houses as I have one myself. Memory is huge for me and photography especially the digital kind with all its metadata provides me with a timeline like no other. I am looking forward to printing and exhibiting and want to have some black and white enlargements included in my portfolio.

I am keen to print on the canon Pixma Pro 9500 camera house has one it is on Archival paper and uses pigment based ink for 10 colours and the results are startling . Last semester I submitted a business plan to produce prints using this printer . Well this is a blog so if anything else comes to mind I can tack it on Maybe? Well I am going to look at some of my Dads photos I still have an album from way back then amazing …

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July 16, 2010 at 4:32 pm

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