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RollerToday we had our introduction to Photography 2 this will include some darkroom work wet photography something I did when it was the thing and it will be fun to be under the safe light and looking at a print developing in the tray .. Also raw files are now on the menu and I have spent the evening which went so quickly diving around in light room 3 and most interesting piece of Adobe software . I am posting a couple of developed raw file and they are the first ones I have done . Not an example of anything except the great diversity of effects available when printing from raw files . I am told a raw file is like the negative is to a print and all digital files are raw and converted in the camera.. The camera has a processor the size of a pea compared to the computer’s pumpkin so consequently capturing in raw and printing in the computer gives a much better effect . Some of the downsides are slower camera operation and large file size . So accordingly raw does not suit all occasions.

How cool is this software Adobe I think I love you. This for me is far more useful as a photographer than photoshop it does so much and I feel I have not even touched the surface let alone scratched it I have been scratching my head this is like a rebirthing process . In processing the negatives there are sections for adjustment like develop library not unlike a darkroom I see it as a digital dark room…

Written by Andrew Speers

June 30, 2010 at 1:33 am

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