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Looking back and looking forward

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The last semester was a great one and only on looking back do I realise how much traspired for me and how many wonderful people rubbed against me. In this meshing is were the true growth happens for me and for that I am greatful . None of this could have occurred without my most valued classmates and Lecturers, each and everyone of them, and in underling this I am including some of memories from my digital diary . Photography in this modern day and age easily creates a time line an electric chain of remembrance .

In this post I recall the trip we did to the Brisbane Contemporary art gallery for the Asia Pacific Triennial  with the class of studio drawing  1 and that was a most enlightening experience . We travelled in style, the bus was not crowded,  being a double decker gave panoramic views of the unfolding landscape as we left the wide open spaces of country Lismore and headed up towards the urban sprawling approaches to Brisbane.

The Gallery is situated on the south Bank of the Brisbane River . The actual building itself is an architectural statement of  and nestles regally beside the river. The exhibition is a popular destination for high school tours and this day was no exception. I spent the day in wonder and saw many fine works . The detail and depth was evident and the mix was most eclectic, paintings, installations mixed media, films and experiential works that gave a place for the viewer to be envolved. Finally having a tasty lunch in the cafeteria which was shared with one of the local ibis in an open air setting and right on the river bank . See Above.

This reindeer was the work of a Japanese artist apparently he bought the stuffed deer off of Ebay and then transformed it into what you see below .

I have been very fortunate in this my last semester coming up and the units I have are so much to my liking and will be so useful to me in my future adventures definitely in Mainland China which is my number one preferred destination . I have strong links to China having a close contact there a friend of my daughters who actually came and stayed with me for some time . The Chines culture is very different and recently in a cultural studies reading the fact that countries that speak another language are not to be seen as non different from your home with just different labels those people have a completely different view of the world , reading the word and reading the world. I so enjoyed my initial foray into cultural studies last semester in Space Place and Travel and after some wrangling have landed my self back in the next class with the same dear Lecturer Professor Baden Offord and no doubt will be seeing some familiar faces .

This class was a most interesting journey and it encompassed a couple of field trips one to The Bodhi Farm and intentional community and the other the the Byron Bay lighthouse both extremely memorable. This unit had a side benefit in that it introduced me to experimental poetry and how interestingly the spoken word could be used to express great feeling . I hope to continue to hear and attend some of these inspiring evenings of verse below is one of the participants I saw on the evening this last semester in that great hall of learning the UniBar..

This could not be posted without mention of some other memorable moments that are dear to me. The trip to the Byron Bay lighthouse was done on a beautiful sunny day and the depth of the historical layers surrounding the site was provided by one of the staff who never missed a beat in her most interesting presentation.

Screen production has long been one of my passions and it was well catered for in the second year when a team produced a short movie called The External a most rewarding exercise in team work and a study of what worked and what areas needed improvement. The Universitie’s camera equipment is first class and I we were the first lucky students to use the new Sony  cameras. These are state of the art in a reasonably small camera and have the dual recording system of tape and CF card.

Mr Lancaster has been and is one of my partners walking the academic road together and the end of this stage is in sight for me and for Brad it has arrived thanks for all the help along the way Brad and will continue to see you and swap ideas and software etc…. Hint click on the pictures to see them in larger sizes and not squeezed up ……

Written by Andrew Speers

June 27, 2010 at 9:47 pm

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  1. Andrew, your camera takes great pictures – too good in some cases, it shows up all the wrinkles and wear and tear on me, definitely needed a shave.


    June 30, 2010 at 1:47 pm

  2. That is the character showing through don’t go for the Botox yet, look at Jack Nicholson, you and I are in his league, beyond just pure physical attributes but yes the camera has got a good lens and the RAW image files have a lot more information for the Mac to crunch…. have a nice day..


    June 30, 2010 at 2:49 pm

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