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Monday Morning Arts booking returns.

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Up early and turned on the reverse cycle air what a great idea can’t get over how much twitter increases the possibilities of life . For so long it was a complete mystery I kept sending the odd tweet not really knowing why but being a media student I felt it behooved me to explore and digest all facets of the new media.

Remember I come from a time of crystal sets , cats whiskers , telegrams and phones where you talked to operators  turning a handle to ring the bell. Well science fiction has become science fact and it is very exciting I can tell you .

The day I went to the coop bookshop for my long-awaited copy of Joel Comms book Twitter Power 2.0 had come and I felt this was the day that would change twitter forever . I also picked up a great book about the life and times of Alfred Hitchcock it was in the bargain and reduced from $35 to $2 it was meant for me and I gratefully accepted the tome that would show me his character and greatness.

So back to this morning I have added a new folder to my twitter  lists and it is locked at the moment ( only I can read it) .This may change but at the moment I am keeping this that way. I have used the search engine to narrow my connections somewhat and the first one in my media favourites is none other than the producer of the best camera app Chase Jarvis and wow I lent him a hand to get $125k grant for the preservation of the Town hall Seattle in need of a little repair and if I am lucky I will win a cool external hard drive how about that .

Finished the SCU race day Movie and have given copies to Dr. Grayson Cooke , Ian Slade and Anne-Marie in student services for a possible screening in the Unibar promoting SCU race day the Lismore Turf Club and SASS for its media output . Possible posters could read SASS in conjunction with Pieinthefacemedia Proudly Screen SCU Raceday the Movie .

Relive all your joys and sorrows of SCU raceday and have a good safe time at the Unibar. See yourself on the silver screen and realise you are beautiful see the engine that drives the racing industry the horses jockeys and the barrier attendants . Visit the secret worlds of these unknown heroes of the track , they work with the most athletic of mans noble animal companions the horse. Historically the horse has been mans greatest friend and servant perhaps followed by the dog and cat . Where the budgie and the gold-fish fit in I will leave that open for debate .

My day is unfolding and now I must leave the comfort of the student services building and venture forth to send media north to Mario Celestino and friends to Rosie the rivetter no make that wave babe the surfer . Bread and milk for Eli the son and house keeper and perhaps pick up some art supplies . I have to work on my up and coming assignments for studio drawing and complete my business plan . The break is coming up fast and my frontal lobes will be most appreciative.

Written by Andrew Speers

May 10, 2010 at 1:10 am

Posted in Daily happenings

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