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I have been working on a few film projects and they have been a whole lot of fun . The main one was the SCU race day and that was a real nostalgia trip for me as I was once the Blacksmith at most of the local racetracks on Race day . I wanted to show this event from a certain point of view, well several stories were involved, the glamour of the crowd attending the meeting,the Jockey s, the horses and the bookies .

The horses would be contrasted against the glamour of  the crowd and along with the jockies and the barrier staff who go to make up the engine that drives the racing game. Of course the bookies would have to have a interest we mustn’t forget the fuel that feeds the adrenilin and the alocohol of course. No show without some good beer wine and spirits to soothe or to celebrate your winnings or of course drown your sorrows if you have done your dough.

I was given carte blanche by the stewards and the secretary having arranged the clearances a few weeks before hand . The only stipulations were that I wear an SCU shirt and prominantly display my student card which I did, on a lanyard bought especially for the occasion but now worn as a regular dress. It has a touch of irony as it has visitor printed on it in white letters while the band is bright red. It has become my tag and I wear it on most occasions as my son says it makes me look important .

I am about to complete my Bachelor of Media degree at the age of 67 this is something of a direction I couldn’t have imagined but between you  and me it has been the greatest experience and I recommend it to all. Not that fifteen years as a blacksmith wasn’t a valuable experience the ability to be persausive around large animals is a valuable skill to have in the media and nearly 20 years as a professional and fully qualified Chef equipped me for working under pressure and multitasking so life has been very good to me . Oh did I mention two strapping sons and a beautiful daughter all who have a great love for life and provide me with lots of inspiration. Why my daughter inspired me to go to University and is a top surfer and graduate herself.

Written by Andrew Speers

May 8, 2010 at 2:25 pm

Posted in Daily happenings

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