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IconSiam birthday lunch day out with Apple

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This was lunch for Apple’s birthday which was due on the 13th but we ended up going on Good Friday which was okay . We checked out the post office at Siam University it was closed as Apple said it would be although online it said it was open. I wanted to post my Visa application so will have to happen on Monday. Next we went past the bank that was close too. All good Apple was able to do the transfer she’s very clever when it comes to banks and anything to do with money and transferring also is a food gold mine she knows all about it.

Jumping for joy love that one
Fast cooking on a high heat is the Asian way

So as we got closer to IconSiam the last 2 km took nearly as long as the whole journey another one of those Bangkok traffic jams. All entrances where blocked. Apple was able to attract one man’s attention a policeman I guess she said I need a wheelchair and wanted to come in so he moved the witches hats and in we went .

IconSiam was bustling with people and was incredibly busy so many people the Bangkok ants nest . I’ve been there a couple times before in years gone bye but this was a whole new trip. I decided to use their wheelchairs because on their website they come across a super friendly to the aged and disabled. The wheelchair wasn’t too bad reasonably comfortable with Apple doing the pushing. There was a lot of concrete floors where they had done the crazy paving that was a bit of a vibration. I did see a couple of other wheelchair folk and one was a Felang he gave me nod LOL .

So I think from now on it will be the Mall Thapra and I’ll take my own wheelie Walker. Not so crowded and there are the restaurants that we liked sizzlers and the Santa Fe.

My son Eli is in town now and we’re going to meet up on Sunday I mean Monday so that’s exciting it’s actually his birthday as well. He can certainly handle travelling went to the USA several times working in the snow and now is a successful landscape creator home maintenance professional on the Gold Coast. Likes to grow bonsai also .

Checked out all the restaurants and walked around quite a bit well I sat and Apple pushed and finally we couldn’t really find anything that looked good for us . Apple does not like to spend money on expensive food I’m personally also think it’s a bit of a waste being a chef food is food we all know where it ends up.

So eventually we landed back at square one the ground floor. We parked ourselves in this cute little cafe you’ll see it on the video. Apple was busy ordering as usual she is right on point and pretty soon we had a couple of plates with with the rice on each one plus cutlery and a small bowl which I really turned out to delicious sort of a pork and a sauce not too spicy was rather delicious.

Apple went and got drinks Coke zero for me and some kind of juice for her. Apple is the perfect lover girlfriend companion I know I’m very fortunate but I feel I do deserve a comfortable life looking back. Life is been a great experience. So now I’m on the 22nd floor have a great condominium and a fantastic owner . Never really see him just pay the rent 8K a month. It has two rooms a bathroom a kitchen and two air airconditioners which I run quite a bit.

Okay so getting back to the events at icon Sam are you seeing the video we were having lunch in the small cafe and suddenly Apple got a shocked look and was grasping at here neck missing the Gold chain she was wearing Real Gold .

Now I knew if it had dropped off somewhere we had been, that was it it, was gone for ever. But lo and behold as luck would have it Apple felt around and it was trapped in her dress so we went from absolute Panic to pure joy talk about a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Anyway that was one of the highlights of the day. We ended up going to the supermarket got a good deal on some cheese two for one, some peanut butter couple loaves of super duper bread. So next we are headed to the exit. Hi 5 to Apple for pushing me around next time it’ll be wheely Walker in the in the Mall Thapra it’s really a top close and close to home.

So will get to the taxi area little preferential wheel chair person treatment. Before long we return on home a little bit tired so went to bed.


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April 16, 2022 at 7:12 am

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It’s breakfast time in Bangkok

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Today I’m showing you through my usual breakfast a traditional Thai food , Rice porridge not a Sweet dish more savoury as you will see in the video. Most takeaway foods are done up in plastic bags and I will reiterate to those bags are almost indestructible, perhaps that’s not a good thing for environment but that’s the way it is.

Now they have stopped handing out bags at the 711, you can buy them or take your own . I guess that’s a step in the right direction. I have a motor bike taxi man and for the small some of our 50 baht he will go to the shop can you get me my porridge.

That did take me a little while to set this up but now I have his phone number and he is happy to do this job any time well when I say any time from 6 o’clock till lunch time. Joe is a dear man as most Thais are I think I may have a picture of him somewhere no could not find it .

As I said it does come with extras there is the yellow Ginger, Shallots and something else all in little bags tied up with that small indestructible rubber band. You also get an egg which is part cooked and five or six savoury pork balls. Rather tasty but all these extras are optional.

I get the full Monty and the cost 50 baht so that’s 3×50 and 50 for a driver coming to 200 baht . That keeps me going for three days .

I like to have some kind of independence and I also go to the market just around the corner. Did I say my doctor sent me an email saying he forgot to tell me he wasn’t coming to work but off to Hua Hin and would be back on Thursday. Well my condition was getting acute so went to hospital on Monday afternoon that’s yesterday and saw a doctor an older tiny man that I had seen before I was told he is an orthopaedic surgeon. He had an ultrasound the small portable one something the size of an iPhone I could see the screen he said there’s a lot of water in there .

The weight Loss makes a huge difference to how I feel into my balance. So my regular doctor will be back on Thursday and I’ll go once again for the tap usually around 10 litres . I’m also going to get the vaccine that’s available at my hospital now and it’s free so I’m told for me anyway I don’t know.

Thing is the vaccine doesn’t really stop you getting Covid but who can make the symptoms less severe. I avoid all high-risk situations by mostly staying at home or taking the five minute taxi to go to the hospital I sanitise my hands and I wear I hi protection as well as a mask so fingers crossed. I don’t go into these places like buses trains that said I did go to the Mall recently but I must say that was scrupulously clean oh so well I hope you enjoy my little blog for today.

If you do please leave a comment , some feedback on some corn but of course I can’t live without it just great to know that somebody is out there reading this .

I wonder if anyone can guess what that is ? Johnny Depp is the mad hatter i’ll leave the rest up to you Currently it’s just a picture can be more than that through a process .

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March 29, 2022 at 1:08 am

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Thursday morning Bangkok Thailand

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Still waiting for the sun to rise thinking of taking a walk around to the market probably around 8 am.

I want to get some vegetables in particular Broccoli tomatoes some spicy food for Apple and a few of the flower garlands . These are for the Buddha they say to gain merit , whatever it does it makes me feel good to just pay 10 baht for such a beautiful floral art work .

There are flowers sellers all over Bangkok making these Garlands they feature a lot of marigolds the bright yellow ones.

These are some of my recent posts .

Some crisp new notes the 20 baht most used here
This is the Dock Mai flower market Bangkok

Okay this a look at the flower market I grabbed that off YouTube and funny it’s produced by a friend of mine who was in Thailand for many years but now he’s back in Australia. Laz is his name originally from Hungary and a keen motorbike rider with a Ducati. He has done a lot of riding in Thailand and produced many videos call “Destination Thailand”

Bangkok’s 24 hour Flower Market is one of the ‘must-see’ attractions of the city. It is the largest wholesale and retail fresh flower market in Thailand and receives a vast quantity of fresh flowers from both nearby provinces and further afield, and selling them to a mix of wholesale and consumer trade. Pak Klong Talad is at its busiest around midnight, as huge deliveries arrive for the Bangkok florists keen to stock their own shops and market stalls for the next day

If you found this post interesting or helpful please leave a comment. Please add any suggestion you would like to see in a future post as I’ve lived in Bangkok for 10 years so I may be able to be helpful.

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March 23, 2022 at 9:56 pm

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Finally ended up killing Kelloggs a villain

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After a long drawn out battle with the assistance of Nick Irvine private detective, we reached Fort Hagen Kellogg’s HQ.

In looking for Kellogg having to defeat a lot of enemies along the way.

There were many synths and another booby-traps but all in all there was many collectable items in that place lots of ammunition to pick up lots of stim packs they are for renewing your health and a Fatboy which is a handheld nuclear weapon.

I was looking for my baby Shawn , Kellogg was to provide me with some clues but I had up end up killing him or he would’ve killed me .

The search for Sean goes on I found my way out of for Fort Hagen which was Kellogg’s HQ.

Now to return to Emerald city and speak to Nick Irvine. I also picked up a new companion so things are looking up. I’m level 20 now the higher you go the more interesting it gets. I also picked up Kelloggs special Weapon 45 calibre revolver with a high damage and I have a quipped it was a telescopic site.

Was a hard battle and Dog meat helped me out
A quick look at the nonviolent side of the game although these communities do need to be defended

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March 23, 2022 at 12:21 pm

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Going to the mall for a Visa photo

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Tomorrow apple and I will go to the mall Sea-con a combination day out, lunch at sizzlers we like to have the salad buffet . And the photo required for my Visa this is a postcard size photo from my knees up hope I look good and doesn’t shock anyone to much I look like I’ve just come out of Dachau.

Thailand isn’t that friendly to the disabled not a lot of wheelchair access I am okay using a wheelie Walker that sort of assists walking. And you can use it as a seat it’s all part of growing old I suppose I did have a motorbike accident a couple years ago. That’s not the main problem though I have ascites which requires weekly visit to the hospital so I’m getting a medical certificate from my doctor to the fact that I cannot travel to Pattaya for the Visa renewal all will be done by post.

That this was the last time that we went to the Mall and came back and a Posh taxi they are little bit more expensive and a new addition to Bangkok taxi fleet. English cab style very roomy and very luxurious.

I think we will use that one again on the return trip tomorrow nothing like spoiling yourself a little bit in my opinion was worth the money.

All the most modern for the rich tourists
Very roomy and lots of leg room see my wheelie walker the driver was very helpful too.
The bill for both of us not sure if its more expensive in Australia

As I said we do like the Sizzlers it’s an all you can eat salad ,soup, pasta , and deserts but I really don’t eat that much last time we had a main meal and ended up taking it home .

Was spare ribs with a baked potato .

The whole restaurant is really sanitised looks very safe the cutlery is all in cello packs . Funny the first thing that you get is the bill LOL .

Of course its pay as you leave .

Sizzlers does provide excellent service for the food you can’t manage its packed boxes if you want . I think that’s really good to because you remember that and you think that was really good and Will go there again good marketing on Sizzlers part.

The food I ended up taking home. Eating in this restaurant is really a good experience you know you’re not gonna get food poisoning or a Bangkok belly . One time I did order some fried rice at a shop in our condo had it with some prawns . Bang boom never again was in trouble for a few days .Seafood can be deadly .The dish called Som Tum is a spicy salad and is pounded in a mortar and pestle . Can have small crabs in the mix . That has claimed a few .

Som (Thai: ส้ม) which’s north-eastern Thai word means sour taste and Tum (Thai: ตำ) means pounding with pestle to crush or break ingredients. Somtum is a distinctive-sour and spicy dish that is made by using a pestle and mortar to crush and mix all ingredients together.

Papaya salad with peanuts, salted crab and dried shrimp.

The main ingredient is Also knowing you’re not going to break the bank you don’t have to have super deep pockets. Did I say the Buffet is all you can eat you can go back as many times as you wish . My darling Apple gets it for me I just sit there and she brings it over I couldn’t really be better looked after. I know how fortunate I am, I know lots of oldies are you shoved in the corner and forgotten but that’s not the way in Thailand older people I given respect. That’s said at the condo it happens all the time people hold the door open for me👨‍⚖️.

I do have to say we have several infections of Covid in the building the office is closed to 2 workers in there have tested positive and Apple tells me there are four positives on our floor floor 22 so I always wear my Full face protection when going out .

For me it would be a disaster on many levels , health, financial to name a couple so its one that I avoid like the plague I already have expenses with the hospital and if you turn a positive result you have to isolate for 10 days and hospitals are not free in Thailand. That could easily be 7000 baht a day times ten bidda boom bidda boom .

So that’s the story anyway I enjoy staying home . The only place I really go to is to the hospital that said hospitals are and can be dangerous places . Recently my doctor turn a positive result I mean he had to see you over 100 people one-day ended up having to do 10 days isolation he was back on deck today.

That’s my doctor his Thai name nick name is Big LOL part Chinese and speaks some English

He’s great I saw today and its been over a year now as my Doctor because last Christmas in Thailand they do celebrate Christmas but not like the west.

They like all the decorations and I think they like giving gifts but it’s a more of a party good time not so stressful event.

I had given him something earlier in the year and as he said he would give me something . At Christmas he got me a T-shirt with Father Christmas and my name on it . For me Thailand is the place to be growing old having a good Doctor and Great companion/ girlfriend.

The T-Shirt
My Game Fallout 4 building communities and killing Mutants

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March 22, 2022 at 8:04 am

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Apple support proved to be a winner once again

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it’s taken over a month but I have finally sorted out my iCloud problem.

The problem was I had run out of space and was presented with the option of upgrading for more storage and a monthly subscription. I did not want to do this and I reduced all the Data in iCloud but still the problem persisted .

So I had a couple of support Conversations one was somebody in the Philippines and another was somebody in Ireland. What impressed me was I gave them permission to access my screen on the iPhone and also on the laptop.

All I really wanted was to be able to transfer photos from my iPhone to my computer. I had deleted all the photos on the iPhone but I keep getting a message that the iPhone had 47 GB of photos and I needed to upgrade.

What happened in the end was the support person directed me to a folder called the recently deleted items and there they were the 47 GB. So I went ahead and deleted them and was all good. Once again as I say I’m very happy with the support that Apple provides I don’t think any other platform comes even close in that area its quite a comprehensive.

I also recovered my WordPress blog as you can see I’m using it now. Another fantastic piece of software okay so that’s it for me for now. I’ll be going to visit my doctor later this morning and tomorrow I plan for Apple and I to go to the mall as I need to have a photograph token well my Visa.

Still getting deeper into my favourite PlayStation game Fallout four the more I play it the better it gets I’m only a low level of the moment 19. YouTube is a great source of information for gamers and I see some players are up on the high 60s that’s their level. Currently I’m working on getting a industrial water purifying plant setup happening as water is worth money and money in Fallout four is new Coca-Cola bottle caps.

That’s Nick Irvine private Detective and synth to boot helping me find my son Shawn

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March 22, 2022 at 12:16 am

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My early days as a community dweller in Nimbin

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For a long time as a family we lived in North Queensland after having a failed vegetarian restaurant business in Melbourne . At the father-in-law’s suggestion we packed up and just got out of town.We said we were going to Western Australia but headed to North Queensland.

That was an adventure and a half at one stage we had a mobile home a converted school bus and we were staying in caravan parks. I did some restaurant work eventually we moved to Kuranda. I did actually work in the hotel called the top pub the licensee will you woman called Una Chambers and she was pretty racist.

Where as the bottom pub was to hang out for all of the local Murray’s. After some time I purposely got the sack from Una . While living in Kuranda Eli was one of the two sons that was born he was born in Kuranda. The other one Sam-Shiva was born in Melbourne along with his sister rose. So from Karunda we moved on to the tablelands. At one stage we we are living in rent free caretaker situation on a hundred acre block in remote area. Far North Queensland is a tropical area and the rainfall is dramatic and the bush growth was also dramatic. We had a resurrected land Rover that was a boon because the roads up there or bush tracks just became like to wheel tracks in the mud.

That was my pub same Name as a good friend doing all the counter lunches etc

Margo introduced me to horses at that stage and started out doing some riding on a horse ranch there. That was the start of my association with horses which ended up quite a long one and me working as a farrier on race tracks. Later when we move to Northern New South Wales I woke up to Lismore track Ballina and Murwillumbah.

So after wondering in the wilderness for a very long time having been excommunicated from the family for the failure of the business. Eventually there was some forgiveness and we were invited back they wanted to see the grandchildren. So we ended up working for the family in a service station in Toowoomba a suburb called Drayton . The wheels eventually fell off that as I did not want to buy all the old stock they are offering and so from there we got the golden handshake.

was a convince store also I was not too smart could have done it better but no regrets .

At Margo’s suggestion we moved to Nimbin. There was a community there formed by the Siddha yoga foundation and so that’s where we ended up for 30 years.

this was a set of images done for my degree at SCU

Nimbin was quite an experience I have to say it was a dairy town but had been taken over by the Aquarius festival. Housing one of the largest communities in the state the Tuntable falls community. Our community share the border with Tuntable . For a long time it was kind of romantic and rustic I suppose. But after living in the tent for a long time ended up building a post and Beam Mud-brick infill cabin. During the time I was in Nimbin I did a lot of horse-riding I was known as Andrew the blacksmith as a side line I made pot belly stove and did some horse shoeing . I ended up working in the race tracks on race day doing any emergency farrier work.

I had stopped working as a farrier about the year 2000 my eyesight was letting me down. And optometrist eventually discovered I had cataracts that was the most traumatic event having them removed. Done under local anaesthetic and the change in vision was really amazing I could read the fine print on a teabag and just watching television was a whole new insurance.

About the year 2008 I was long finished working with horses doing farrier work how much really just treading water on the community have one stage I was the treasure.r hey Rose my daughter’s suggestion hi applied just so of course university to study is a mature age student lo and behold I was accepted. And so I ended up going to university Southern Cross University. That was one of the most amazing experiences of my life I never really liked school although I did matriculate somehow. So I did a degree in media that was three years full time I need that graduating.

After graduating I thought I just do one more trip to Thailand but never imagined ending up staying there fast forward two 2022 10 years later hello I’m still in Bangkok 78 years now suffered a motorbike accident got hit by taxi and so I’m somewhat disabled now but that’s life.

Lismore recently had the worst floods in history 2000 houses it been condemned many people lost everything. On top of President Putin’s war against Ukraine the Covid pandemic it’s all been a very traumatic year and we are still wearing masks in Thailand.

utter devestation

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Where are you on a roll keep posting

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With my new found success I decided that I better do it again just to make sure it’s not a fluke.

I’m still living in Bangkok .I do buy a lot of items online from Lazada and they deliver COD. Currently ordering a Damascus steel chefs knife. I have an arrangement at payments are always left with security at the front desk otherwise the courier will ring me up and I have to go down not always convenient as I am slightly disabled.

That is my current PS4 past time a very complex game the setting is a post apocalyptic nuclear war I land inhabited by mutants. It has several facets one aspect is killing these mutants I don’t know what is building communities call the survivors.

Communities need power food water and beds to be happy

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March 20, 2022 at 10:19 pm

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Back in Business thank God

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OK today my problem with the word-press blog was solved I finally cracked a password problem with both my email and my blog. This is been a real pain for a long time but resolving things always makes me feel good I don’t like to give up but I almost did.

I have a scheduled call with Apple support today regarding the iCloud problem I’ve deleted all the photos on my iPhone and when I try to connect photos to iCloud I’m told I’m still about 47 GB of photos on my iPhone.

And I need to upgrade, sometimes I think these are all things are designed to get people just subscribe. But that’s not what I want to do . I didn’t want any subscriptions no snouts in my bank account.

The fibre optic kit used to connect me

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March 20, 2022 at 9:47 pm

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Another great day at the local hospital

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This morning I return to the local hospital for my outpatient treatment. There is some doubt I will ever who was the doctor but in the end this amazing older small diminutive Thai dr appeared. I was dreading the fact that it may be and Indian lady doctor that I saw hovering around she did not look confident at all having been to India I’m not impressed with the medical facilities are Thailand is second to none I need to pay for that so anyone coming here who is in the age group it can be insured should do so reason being that it’s so easily to have some kind of an accident or medical emergency I never said hospital only take cash.

Open living in Thailand now for over 10 years I did not have the foresight I don’t wish I was beyond the Insurance age to see what could happen. What did happen was I had a motorbike accident that was not the only thing I also developed acietes from having a damaged deliver that is the reason I have to go to hospital least once a week to have it drained that happened today thank God 10 L I feel much lighter now. Grateful to be in this place originally I came from Northern New South Wales and we all know what’s happening there now catastrophic flooding and loss of property and lives.


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March 14, 2022 at 3:06 pm